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At the time of registration, a $30 registration fee ($45 for family) and first month’s tuition are due. Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  After January 31, the fee is $15.  

Tuition is based on 9 months of instruction spread over equal monthly tuition payments.  The number of classes in any given month do not reflect monthly rates.  

Taking a break for a month during the season does not excuse you from your monthly payment.  Instead, you will be charged another registration fee upon returning to class.  

All payments must be made by the 1st week of each month.  There are no refunds of tuition payments and there is a $25 return check fee.  Only AUGUST is pro-rated.   Some months may have more class times than others, some months will have less.  The payments will remain the same. If you are constantly behind on payments, your child will not be permitted in class and/or to perform in any performances until payment is made in full.  

 PARENTAL OBSERVATION- Parents are not permitted in class to watch.  In a preschool level, there may be exceptions if a child is having a difficult time separating.  However, if you ever want to see your child's progression, just ask and I'll let you watch a class.

 DRESS CODE- Each class has its own set dress code.  Please see the dress code page.  NO STREET CLOTHES ALLOWED.  Have names inside all dance shoes.  Hair tied up is required.

 JAZZ/LYRICAL BALLET REQUIREMENT- All Jazz and Lyrical classes are required to take Ballet and have at least 2 years prior Ballet experience.

 ANNUAL PLACEMENT AND PROGRESSION- Class placement will be at the discretion of Ms. Kristi and is based on ability first and age second.  Some students may remain in a certain level for several years and others only one.  POOR ATTENDANCE WILL AFFECT PROGRESSION.

 STORM DAYS/MAKE-UPS- Occasionally, the studio is closed for bad weather (tropical depressions or hurricanes).  If this happens, you will be given the option to make-up the class.  In the event of bad weather, the rule is this…if school closes then the studio is closed. 

 RECITAL/COSTUMES- Each season we have an annual recital, which require costumes.  Costume payments are due each December and run between $75-$85 per costume.  Exact information is given out in the fall.   There are no refunds of costume payments and there is a $25 return check fee.  The recital is optional, however, if a dancer chooses to perform, all family members DO have to pay to see the recital.  Any dancer with an unpaid account balance is not permitted to perform in the recital.

ATTENDANCE- Dancers are expected to be in class.  Of course, illnesses cannot be controlled.  Poor attendance will keep you from moving to the next level.  If too many classes are missed during recital season (April-June), students will not be allowed to perform…regardless if they have a costume or not.


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